Who is Maruego? Biography of the rapper

Maruego born in 1992 in Berrechid but grew up in Milan. The young Moroccan rapper was discovered on the net by Goué Pequeno, amazed by a self-produced piece called “Criminale”. In 2014, Maruego made his official debut on the Italian music scene with the release of the Che ne sai EP, entirely produced by 2nd Roof, surprising the public with a fresh and innovative style that winks at European rap as well as American rap. and absorbs the influence of Rai, an important Arabic musical movement. The track “Chocolate”, which features Kaneda, immediately goes viral, which has a video taken, as well as a successful remix featuring Gemitaiz & Madman. This EP also boasts collaborations with other big names in the Italian rap scene such as Gue’ Pequeno on “Nuova Ex” and Tormento on the title track “Che ne sai”.

Name Maruego he immediately attracted the attention of colleagues and enthusiasts due to a very specific style of writing, characterized by the search for innovative vocabulary that contributes to the construction of an immediately recognizable flow. In the texts, he tells his story of a young man who grew up in the midst of sacrifice and the spirit of revenge, in which two souls, Moroccan and Italian, collide and complement each other.
In late 2014, the song “Osama”, again produced by 2nd Roof, was released and soon became a manifesto of Maruego’s style and thought.

In July 2015, the first album “MITB” (Carosello Records), 10 tracks, including the singles “Sulla Same Barca” and “Via da qui”, written by the same author, was released for free download on his official website www.maruego.com. rappers and who allow you to guess the talent in search of innovative vocabulary and building an immediately recognizable flow. The name of the rapper of Moroccan origin is already of great interest: Maruego was called to the opening concert of Nicki Minaj on July 8 at the Estathé Market Sound in Milan.

The artist also attracted the attention of several colleagues in the Italian hip-hop scene: he participated in the remix of “Zarro!” Club Dogo, included on the deluxe edition of Non siamo più loro di Mi Fist, and on Don Joe’s solo album Ora o mai più, he collaborated with Amis Killa on a track called “Tutto apposto”. in the album “Keta Music Vol. 2” in the song “Casinò” and with Gu Pequeno in the latest album “Vero”, in the songs “Tu non sai” and “Occhi su di me” (contained in the Deluxe) .

(last updated: August 23, 2023)

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