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Real hot girl! Megan Stallion included Big mouth Season 7 and girl, she doesn’t disappoint at all.

Season 7 Big mouth It premiered on October 20, 2023, making it the longest-running original scripted show produced by Netflix at the time of its premiere. Created by Andrew Goldberg, Nick Kroll, Mark Levine and Jennifer Flackett, the series explores the joys, thrills, horrors and awkwardness of puberty, and a little (actually a lot) sex education. “We surf the web and read stuff, but we also invite people to talk to us,” Nick Kroll told IndieWire. “We’ve been talking to sex educators since the show began, and over the last few seasons we’ve been talking to their students to understand from their perspective what stories resonate with them and what stories they’d like to hear. “

About the show’s long run, Kroll said, “It’s beyond our wildest dreams. Getting someone to buy a pilot script is difficult. Doing a pilot is incredibly rare. Getting a show to air is even rarer. Getting a multi-season series is very difficult, but getting spinoffs from that show that expand on the world you’ve created is one in a million.” He also recalled being on the show with childhood friend Goldberg: “The idea that it’s based on important events—pun intended—about me and someone I’ve been friends with since first grade, the percentages are so low.”

This season sees the cast graduate from high school and there are even some treats included. “Knowing that we have such an international audience, we wanted to celebrate the universality of puberty,” Levine explained to Rolling Stone about the episode, which features hormone monsters from around the world.

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