Who is Rose Villain? Biography of the singer

Born in Milan and then moved to New York, the singer-songwriter and director has millions of plays to her credit. Rose Villain it turns out he has what it takes to turn the current music scene on its head, thanks to his cinematic vision that makes his songs feel like a thriller. The dedication that has come in recent years from performing at a high level with artists who longed to have her by his side made Rose want to have her say even more.

As a child, Rose stopped crying only when her mother played her a prince. She began to sing and write, inspired by “gods of rock like Nirvana, the Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash reaching “gods of rap like Biggie and Tupac. In high school, he spent time between reading Edgar Allan Poe, studying criminology, and his punk band The Villains. Then, becoming increasingly interested in music, she first moved to Hollywood and enrolled at the Musician’s Institute, and then continued her journey in New York.

Rose Villain debut on single “Get the hell out of my pool” produced by producer and partner SIXPM and published by Machete. Thus, he attracts the attention of the Republic Records label, with which he signs a contract. In 2018 she releases a single “Funeral Party”. In 2019 he comes “ATTACK!”, a song produced by Sidney Swift (Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé) that includes the Tag Team classic “Whoomp! (Here it is)”.

2020 will see the artist’s musical debut in Italian for the new project Machete, signed by Sony Music Italy, starting with “Bundy”manufactured by MILES followed by: “THAT the devil is cryinga trap track with elements of cloud rap about desire and obsession, produced by Sixpm; “Goodbye”, urban pop music with elements of trap and 80s; “Elvis”, a song in which Rose Villain collaborates with Guè. and complemented by the original voice of the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley in “Heartbreak Hotel”; “gangster love” With Pink Chemical, an unprecedented collaboration that took us on an explosive journey; “Michelle Pfeiffer” featuring Tony Effe, a rap-electronic banger talking about how hard it is to resist the temptations of the night; and his latest single “rare”in which the faithful Sixpm is producing alongside Hendrik “HNDRC” Buenk, and his voice pairs perfectly with two peppy verses and an instant anthem chorus, between a guitar riff and a very powerful 808 bass.

In January 2023, his first work on the record “Gotham radio(Gold certified), an explosive, unexpected album full of personal themes in which the artist exposes himself, thrilling the public and critics, and debuted at the top 5 positions of the weekly FIMI Top Album Chart and at number eight on Spotify’s Top Albums. The debut is global.

Having performed on stage at the Concertone del Primo Maggio in Rome and San Remo as a guest of Rosa Chemical, the voice Rose Villain sounds on all radios thanks to the single Achille Lauro”Strawberrywho sees her as a co-protagonist.

(last updated: August 4, 2023)

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