Why are J-Ax and Paolo Menegusi fighting on social media?

These two didn’t send them to say

This summer does not miss any catchphrases or even clashes. After the story between Luce and Salmo, it was the turn of two unexpected ones: J-Ax and Paolo Meneguzzi. The fuse was lit by a Swiss singer True Falsewho in a recent interview criticized summer catchphrases, most notably disk paradiseand also take it out on those who sing it.

“Pop summer 2023 is depressing. Average pop music seems demeaning to me. Seeing tattooed people take the stage to sing disk paradise sometimes I get sad. They are scammers.” Thus, the artist, born Pablo Meneguzo, threw the first stone.

J-Axe’s response was immediate via social media, with even harsher words. “Eh, Are you sure you want to talk about hustlers? In any case, hello, I will always remember you as the version ordered by Titian’s Wish. (Iron, ed.),” the rapper starts directly.

Then, in the next story, the Article 31 singer increases the dose. “There is nothing sadder than unsuccessful singers who blame “the public, which today no longer understands ts…o”. Everyone writes songs that are not “connected” with the market, fashion or the tastes of new generations. If, when this happens, you find yourself holding a handful of flies, it means that you don’t have fans to support you even if you’re not mainstream. It means what you did surface music it didn’t get into people’s hearts, but only into their ears, to leave after a season.”

This refers to the moment of the interview in which Paolo Meneguzzi talks about Do you love mea record that defines audacity and being ahead of the times, but has actually disappeared from pop and commercial music radars.

“However, today it’s better with twelve-year-old binges than before with pimp producers who decided everything” Jay-Ax comments.

The fight doesn’t end there. Paolo Meneguzzi’s answer came yesterday via social media: under a selfie with a long caption attached.

“Dear J-Ax, but who would come after you (you) if you didn’t follow the system that you always criticized? Be the mouthpiece that the system is rotten, that you deny San Remo, The Voice, and then advertise “panettone.” You talk about pimps, but you play a pimp who is attached to children so as not to fall into oblivion, which probably scares you so much, and in order to be cool, you still shout to us “legalize it.” But that’s enough,” he writes. She didn’t understand that I love her.

And then: “I have an art school, I produce films, children’s records and I have a family. This is my music. Am I not as successful as before? Patience … I believe in ideals, and you believe in pipes. I was pop reality in Latin. America in 1996 (Titian seems to be 16 years old…). I applaud your ignorance, which is consistent with what you propose, and the ignorance of many superficial people who do not know how to travel outside of Italy. Because I remind you that a few kilometers from the Italian border you are musically nobody.”

Meneguzzi then returns to the catchphrase also played by J-Ax. “But let’s get back to ‘disco-paradise’ license plate 2023, this song it could also have been released in 1974!… Are you tough on me with dragon tattoos and bubble singing? Don’t you find it a bit cheesy and the text is untrustworthy for your age? Indeed, there is no need to say “close the window” and bother … Baptists? You can’t sing, but you yell, talk and mangle profanity, swear words and really questionable or incomprehensible messages in the songs into the microphone! I repeat, is there such a need?

In the end: “Pop is a serious thing. You’re trying to create a personality, an emotional sound, the perfection of the melody and the combination of the lyrics. We are trying to send a message that can come close to art, and above all, there is an important ethics in messages. But tell me a little. What the hell is your message? It just seems to me that the message “let’s make money”! We create a system by creating low quality standards because it’s easier; because the quality is much harder to maintain. Perhaps you’ve forgotten the quality or why it’s better to stick with the junk train or those with followers? Beware… I wasn’t talking about fans, I was talking about followers. From the bottom of my heart, Paul.”

A diatribe that flared up in a short time and may be destined to continue. It’s definitely a summer diss you don’t expect, the one in between J-Ax and Paolo Meneguzzi.

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