Woman visits Our Lady of Fatima as a horrible bacteria eats away at her skin

A woman named Luz Marina Contreras Vargas lost her hand and leg.

In June, the Colombian fulfilled her dream of visiting Lisbon, Portugal, but this pleasant experience has become a hallmark for the rest of her life.

During his stay, he started getting sick, so he went to the doctor. There, doctors explained to him that he had toxic shock syndrome caused by a bacterium called Streptococcus pyogenes. While the bacterium is common, it can be deadly in some cases as it can cause everything from cellulite on the skin to necrotizing fasciitis and release toxins that damage tissue.

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Luz Marina, 50, began to experience death in her tissues; first all his organs failed, and later his limbs began to die.

It was on the social network that a young woman named Lina Carrascal (Luz’s daughter, Lina Carrascal) started posting on her Instagram Her mother sought help because her mother had contracted the bacteria, a fact that was only known later.

“Currently she is intubated for hemodialysis at the Lisbon hospital. The cost is very high and we need help with everything my mom needs to recover. Help us share and keep praying for her recovery,” she wrote.

Although doctors tried to restore his legs and hands through treatment, this was impossible, so they had to amputate his legs on August 15 and his hands this Wednesday.

Doctors in the intensive care unit (ICU) still don’t know when, how and where he contracted the bacteria.

Luz Marina’s daughter, Lina, said she was strong despite the severity of her condition, and she took to Instagram and TikTok to update her on her mother’s condition and her progress in treatment to fight the bacteria.

Even this Tuesday, August 15th, following the amputation of her leg, she posted a video in which Luz Marina thanked all those who cared about her health and donated money to travel to Europe for treatment, which made him was able to stay in Europe with his family.

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