Italian fashion signs Zendaya’s clothes

Although it has always been characterized by a particular care of its image, the attention of Zendaya towards the fashion universe has intensified particularly in recent months: the Euphoria star has not only joined the Valentino team as a testimonial, but has also made numerous … Read more

ARTEVENTO CERVIA, il festival internazionale degli aquiloni d’arte

Dal 21 Aprile al 1° Maggio 2023, sulla Spiaggia di Pinarella di Cervia, 250 designer e piloti selezionati fra i più significativi interpreti di una tradizione millenaria in costante dialogo con l’ambiente, si uniscono a oltre 2000 appassionati per la 43esima edizione di ARTEVENTO CERVIA, l’originale festival dedicato agli aquiloni e all’ambiente, … Read more

Guerrini, 30 years of career and a record of his own

To celebrate his more than 30-year career in 2023, the composer and producer Pierpaolo Guerrini will release his first album published under his own name: Friends. A concentration of collaborations of the highest international level. The album, produced in the PPG Studios of Santo Pietro … Read more

Kardashian-Jenner, the meaning of their middle names

in People All Kardashian-Jenners have middle names, some with really deep meaning. Are you curious to discover them all? by Denise Ceron 3 days ago Karadashian family photo All the Kardashian-Jenner they have two names and some of these they have meaning deep enough. If … Read more

“I went through a bad time, I even thought about retiring”

Al CorSera: «I cried in front of the piano and the computer, I threw away everything I wrote… I no longer had points of reference». Corriere della Sera interviews Giorgia. She has released her new album, “Blu £”, seven years after her last unreleased album. … Read more

Fringe and tuft 2023, all trendy styles

Consentless access Browse the,,,, and websites, refusing all profiling cookies except for the necessary technical ones. Have you changed your mind and prefer to give consent?1 Browse the website with profiled advertising and without subscribing 1As stated in … Read more

5 unmistakable Fragrances at a truly unique price!

Often and willingly you can find small olfactory jewels at prices that are nothing short of phenomenal. Don’t believe it? Read this guide to discover 5 fragrances that will blow your mind and smell beautifully intoxicating… without breaking the bank! They are the never-again-without invisible … Read more

how to build a pop star

I still feel dizzy – the docu-series on Elodie recently came out Prime Videos, three episodes of forty minutes each that talk about his last year, up to a few days before Sanremo – it’s a nice product. Not so much for the direction of … Read more